The addictive word game for iPhone, iPad and Mac with four modes.

Firstly, thanks for trying our game. If you find any bugs, please email us! (PS. Zen is a proper noun and not valid in Hexiled, or Scrabble for that matter.)

Q. I'm pretty sure I'm trying to make a real word, but it's not working?

Any word in any of the four game modes must touch a vacant tile space to be valid - these are the tiles with a faint, empty hexagon ring. The void around the tile area is not considered a vacant tile. Each game mode starts with a single vacant tile space that you must work from.

Any part of the word can touch a vacant tile to make the word valid and highlight in white - the start, middle or end.

Also note that some letter tiles have small numbers on them. The number indicates the minimum length requirement for a word using that tile. If you try to make NAP when the N has a 4 on it, it won't be accepted. You'll need to make NAPE or PANE, for example.

Q. I'm following all the rules but my word is still not accepted. What's up?

Please email us with the word you're trying to make, and ideally a screenshot of where you've tried to make the word. Keep in mind that a word like "Zen" won't be accepted as it's a proper noun.

Q. In iPad after the iOS8 update, the display looks squashed horizontally?

An update has been submitted for this. For now, try having your iPad in portrait mode when starting Hexiled.

Q. The time I get for an Escape game keeps changing!?

Hexiled uses dynamic timing to keep Escape mode challenging for all players, especially rookies. Some people can beat Escape in 20 seconds, others take 8 minutes, and we want it to suit everyone.

The first time you play, you're given a hefty 10 minutes to explore and get a feel for the game. If you beat the time, you'll get a bit less next time. If you fail, your next run will be a bit longer. After a few games, your limit will generally find a balance with your ability so you're constantly challenged.

Q. What are the tiles that look like cogs?

Rarer tiles in the game (Q, Z, J and X in the English version of Hexiled) are hexabombs and will explode surrounding tiles when used. This may help or hinder you depending on the circumstances, but in Explore mode they're helpfully worth enough points to usually make it worthwhile. A Q hexabomb will have a U near it and an X will have at least one vowel to help out.

Q. What do I do if I get stuck without any vacant tiles on screen and can't scroll around?

While scrolling from a vacant tile is generally quickest, you can use two fingers to move the screen if there are no vacant tiles visible.

Q. I changed from the English dictionary to another language, so why is everything still in English?

The dictionary selection impacts the in-game dictionary (validity of words), letter distribution and Hexabombs. The dictionary used in a given game is indicated at the bottom left of the screen as a game starts or when a game is paused.

The interface language is dictated by your device settings. If it matches a language in which Hexiled is available, then this interface will automatically be provided, otherwise it will default to English.

Q. Hexiled 1.1 (or 1.1.1) is crashing when I try to make a word after returning to a game?

We're aware of this issue and have submitted an update to Apple. In the meantime, please try starting a new game or resetting your saved game via your device settings: Settings, (scroll down) Hexiled, Clear Saved Game.

Q. Under the latest version of iOS 8, Hexiled freezes when the game is interrupted or I return from another app.

This bug has been introduced by the latest upgrade to iOS 8. We're working on fixing it, but it's proving difficult to diagnose. Sorry - it's very frustrating for us.


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