The addictive word game for macOS, iPhone and iPad.

Popular word game now available for macOS

The addictive word game Hexiled is now available for Mac laptops and desktops. First released in 2014 on iPhone and iPad, Hexiled has been newly converted to bring its four classic game modes to macOS.

Hexiled has been played millions of times around the world and now takes its array of puzzling word action to a new space. Tackle the frantic Escape and Survive modes, or relax with the untimed Explore and Discover modes.

Download for your preferred platform below:

Hexiled for Mac Hexiled for iPad or iPhone


Escape mode

A frantic race to reach the edge before time expires. Dynamic timing makes this a challenge for pros and rookies.


Escape mode

No time limit! Amass high scores from the letters available, searching for longer words, or challenge friends.


Escape mode

Create words to stay alive and hold the countdown at bay. Longer words add more time to the clock.


Discover mode

A deliberate untimed challenge in which you try to reach the edge of play in as few words as possible.